School Tax Credit

One of the many ways you can help our school is to donate money to our District using the School Tax Credit. People who file as a single head of household may donate any dollar amount up to $200.00. Married people who file jointly can donate any amount up to $400.00. Every dollar you donate goes directly to our school. We use this money to help fund our clubs, after school programs, and athletics. At the end of the tax year, you may claim your deduction. The government allows you to put this donation towards your tax liability—dollar for dollar—to the extent that it reduces your tax liability to zero. If you would like more detailed information about this program, we’ve included a facts sheet in the sidebar.

You do not need to have students enrolled in school in order to donate your tax credit money. Just print off the tax donation form in the sidebar, or stop by our office for a copy. Complete the form and mail or bring it to our office with your donation. It’s that easy! Your donation allows us to offer many great programs and services to students that we would be unable to fund otherwise. Thank you in advance for supporting our school.

Highschool Students