Our District Office personnel are always eager to help you. If you have questions regarding payroll, purchase orders, accounts receivable, employee benefits, or simply don’t know who to ask, give us a call. We are happy to point you in the right direction so you have the information you need.

Jeffry St. Clair
P: (928) 633-4101

Lee Metheny
Business Services
P: (928) 633-4101

Mary Diehl
Human Resources
P: (928) 633-4101

Kathleen Kracy
Executive Assistant
P: (928) 633-4101

Tracie Loveall
High School Secretary
P: (928) 633-2201

Linda Wells
Elementary Principal Secretary
P: (928) 633-4133

Gary Cummins
District Manager
P: (928) 633-4101

Suzette Stamey
Food Services
P: (928) 633-4101

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